The visitor enters a dark room. 2 tables and 4 chairs are grouped together at the centre of the room. The chairs and tables are steel legged and typical of schools or libraries. There are a dozen more chairs in the space – they are against the walls, some of them are stacked. There is ceiling lighting on a timer. The sequence shifts from full on, to gradually getting dimmer, to full off, to gradually getting lighter.
On the tables, headphones are positioned, so the visitor can sit to listen to the audio, which is looped and is synchronised with the dimming of the lighting – the combined effect is intentionally hypnotic. The words evoke a reading group attempting to remember the events in a book. They describe forms that emerge from the page, drift through their minds and disappear again. Mimicking the beginning of Proust’s Swann’s Way, which is the book they refer to, the group find it difficult to remember if the light is on or off and if they are dreaming or not.
The images provided are from the works installation in a found room above a library at the Whitstable Biennale, 2014.










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The Fabricator’s Tale

The Quarryman’s Daughters arrangement #5

Splinter (guitar)

The Necropolitan Line