The Necropolitan Line

Henry Moore Institute, Leeds, UK. December 2015 – February 2016

Mixed media solo exhibition with a raised platform across three galleries, plus 5 duotrans of found photographs in lightboxes, a signal box diagram, an operational railway headlight, standard aluminium seating, a stack of newspapers. Audio in gallery 1 and 2 on tannoy speakers: both incorporate pre-recorded announcements, plus an adaptation of Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto no.2 (1900) played by Adam Wilson, durations 13:04 mins and 21:32 mins. Audio on headphones in lift in gallery 3: a remix of two versions of ‘Is That All There Is?’ by Peggy Lee (1969) and Bette Midler (2005), duration 4:26mins. As part of the exhibition, a free newspaper The Line is presented in a stack. The articles, adapted from the audios,  investigate stories about bodies, loss and displacement with reference to the historic Necropolitan Line that ran between London and Brookwood Cemetery (1854 to 1941) and Crossbones Graveyard, an ancient unconsecrated burial ground for the prostitutes next to London Bridge. This project articulates the rejection of unwanted bodies and elaborates an enquiry into the use of writing as a form of sculpture by exploring how, contrary to the commonplace notion of sculpture as a mass of material, absence, and the dislocation of matter can be inherent to its logic.


Installation views, Henry Moore Institute, Leeds. Photos: Jerry Hardman-Jones




























The Line available below as a PDF