The Fabricator’s Tale (Blood-Bespattered Table)

Mixed media installation with 7:24 minute audio recording on headphones. A door allows access to a narrow corridor with chairs placed for shared eavesdropping on a room beyond a wall. This room cannot be entered, but is seen through a narrow gap. The restricted view presents each viewer with a landscape-proportioned still  image of the furnishings in the space. The audio, drawn from an extended story, describes the relationship between an exploitative landlord and his tenant.  Although the narrative is filtered and reduced to only of the listing of objects (some of which can be seen in the room, some are out of sight, other are absent), the combination of partial suggestions and melodramatic musical motifs  prompt the visitor to complete the story.


The Fabricator’s Tale installation view, Villa Merkel, Esslingen (2017)







The Fabricator’s Tale installation view Flat Time House, London (2014)























The Fabricator’s Tale installation view, Void, Derry (2016)